Transparent version of the Coca-Cola bottle.


MATH155B - Project 3
Mara Silva

For this project I had to build an object using Bezier patches.
I chose the Coca-Cola bottle because it's something that it's famous for it's silhouette.
People can identify a Coke bottle even if doesn't have a label on it.


The bottle was drawn using 4 Bezier curves.
To obtain t
he silhouette I use a changed version of project two. I used the program to set the points until I get the desired curve.

My first goal was to create a transparent bottle filled with liquid, but a lot of problems with transparency and the lack of time to correct them made me created a non-transparent bottle. You can still see the transparent version using the "t" option, but there will be some errors when you rotate the bottle. For the same transparency/blending problems I gave up the idea of liquid inside the bottle.



The non-transparent version of the Coca-Cola bottle,
with a view from the bottom.

The silhouete of the bottle was obtained using
a modified version of our second project.
In this picture, the Bezier curve and the control points.